Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Second Diary Entry January 30, 1933

January 30, 1933
Dear Diary,
When I arrived in school today my friends were talking about a new political group called the Nazis. The leader of the Nazis is Adolf Hitler. Some of my friends want to join the Hitler youth, a group that allows young people to join the Nazis. I am worried because the Nazis are an anti-Semitic group. This means Jews not is able to join Hitler youth. I do not understand why they would deny a child to be part of Hitler youth just because they are Jewish. I am very proud of being Jewish. We do not hurt anyone or discriminate any other religions. Why would other people want to discriminate against us? I was appalled when I heard children calling themselves worthless, dirty, Jews at the lunch table and were trying to figure out a way to become a different religion. The Nazi party is putting false information into our heads and I hope I will not be brainwashed like my friends. I am going to try my hardest to stay faithful to my religion during this hard time.
With Love,

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